Life Insurance: Your Family’s Medical History is Important

Life insurance companies ask their prospective customers to have a medical exam to determine their overall health condition and risks. The examiners usually measure the pulse, weight and height and blood pressure of the person. Moreover, blood tests verify glucose levels and give insurance companies other vital information to help them make a suitable decision with respect to the applicant.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Taking the Medical Exam

Although there are many insurance companies that offer life insurance without a medical exam, they often do not offer economical rates to customers. If you are healthy with a good family history and avoid risky activities, it is better to take the medical exam to benefit from more favorable insurance rates. In many cases, the medical exam poses no problems.

Policyholders fall under different categories that determine the premium payments. These include Standard (most expensive), Preferred Plus (most economical, but difficult to qualify for), Select and Preferred. The greatest drawback of applying for insurance with mandatory medical exam requirements is that you may be denied low-cost insurance coverage or turned down.

Heavy drinkers, smokers, and various high-risk athletes like skydivers and rock climbers are not eligible for the most economical rates and some insurance companies even deny coverage to these individuals. Therefore, it makes sense to avoid the medical exam in these cases. If you choose to take the medical exam, preparation is important.

Preparing for Your Medical Exam

You can do a few things to improve your odds of acing the medical exam to qualify for Preferred or Preferred Plus status. Drink a lot of water prior to your exam as it can enhance your energy level and increase blood flow. Pay attention to your diet a couple of days before your exam. Reduce sugar, sodium and avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Request your examiner to measure the blood pressure at the end as most people feel nervous and exhibit higher levels of blood pressure at the start of their exam. This phenomenon is called white coat hypertension.

If you know what to expect during your medical exam, you can secure better exam results and get more favorable life insurance quotes. Learn more through this quiz on