DNS Propagation

Have you ever updated your domain’s A record and noticed that, for at least several hours, your domain displayed the new site on one device, such as your smartphone, but the old site on another device, such as your home computer? Have you ever updated your domain’s MX records and found that, for at least […]

What is DNS?

Let’s face it: DNS can be confusing. It can be confusing to tech professionals, and it can be downright mystifying to ordinary website owners. But it is important to at least understand the basics, especially if you plan on migrating your site from one provider to another or updating any DNS records for any reason. In this first […]

What is SSL?

SSL is the generic term for a series of protocols used to secure online communications by encrypting information passed between a client and a server. Its use is important for websites accepting online payments in particular, and for maintaining browsing and email privacy in general. There has, in recent years, been a push to begin securing all […]

SSL Certificates: What, Why, How, and Who?

In my previous article, What is SSL?, I gave an overview of the technology used to secure communications passed back and forth between clients, such as your browser, and servers, such as the ones used to host the web pages you visit. Communication security is important not just for e-commerce sites that may be receiving sensitive […]

Domain Privacy

You might be surprised to find out that ownership information for any given domain, including name, telephone number, physical address, and email address, is publicly available and published on the internet. In fact, it’s actually a domain registration requirement that you provide accurate contact information that is listed in the databases of registrars, or else  you risk […]