ADHD: Link between Learning and Squirming

Attention deficit hypersensitivity disorder is often not taken seriously on many occasions. Previously, there was no diagnosis for this disorder and parents and teachers were not fully aware of the severity the disorder. The disease is associated with kids (and sometimes adults) who have trouble concentrating on routine tasks and sitting still at home, in school or at a doctor’s office, etc.

If you examine the brains of ADHD patients, you will realize that there are times when they would like to focus, but they simply can’t as they do not understand precisely what is happening in their brains that causes the urge to get up or move around. For example, they may have to think about and complete a task; however, their mind quickly wanders to an activity they performed years ago on a vacation or where they would like to go for dinner. These issues are serious and both teachers and parents have to consider them when parenting and teaching the kids.

You have to educate yourselves on certain strategies that have been successful in helping these kids succeed in school. Failing these children means that they will find it more difficult to overcome ADHD as they transition into adulthood. We think that ADHD is a subject that we should all discuss and learn about as it can have long-term adverse effects on a person’s everyday life and especially education. As a result, it is important to find effective strategies for these children rather than scolding them every time they are fidgety or cannot sit still and pay attention.

You can learn about various successful strategies that have yielded good results in the classroom environment for young students with ADHD by taking this interactive quiz. You are going to learn about certain “movement strategies” as well as various movement exercises kids can perform while working or studying in their classroom or at home. The quiz will also provide a few interesting facts about students who squirm in their seats while testing! You can learn more about ADHD by visiting the HealthIQ website.